Nestled in the heart of the Ozark Mountains in North Arkansas, Ozark Mountain Wood Pellets produces the highest quality of pellet from the abundant availability of oak, hickory, cherry and peach available in Boone, Newton, Searcy and Marion Counties in  Arkansas.

Wood pellets are produced from commonly used products from scrap wood and saw dust. Typically, these pellets are used as animal bedding, barbecue pellets and as fuel in small free standing wood pellet burning stoves and each of these products can be produced from sawdust.

Ozark Mountain Wood Pellets specializes of BBQ Smoker Pellets from real wood flavors.  Many pellet companies use oak or alder and then add artificial flavors.  Ozark Mountain Wood Pellets are made from real Apple, Peach, Cherry, and Hickory.  Each flavor is blended with Oak.   We also produce hardwood heating pellets so we are excited to talk with you about supplying your residential and wholesale wood pellets.


Family AvitarMichael Erwin & Jane Erwin (Co-Owners)Operations Director & Bookkeeper

Michael Erwin – Operations Director

Growing up in Boone County Arkansas on a 600 acre farm, Michael has worked closely with my father Brian Erwin processing timber and clearing land until joining the Marine Corp in 1981.   Michael is a fifth generation Erwin in North Arkansas, the Erwin family has lived in Boone County since 1879 working primarily in the timber industry.  Michael’s great uncles Carl and Dewey Erwin owned “The Erwin Brother’s Timber” operating in the 1930s – 50s which was located at the current location of Ben Eddings Olds & GMC.

Michael began his professional experience by enlisting in the United States Marine Corp in 1981.  He was a true blue Reagan Marine.  He served the USMC by performing Avionics Maintenance on AH1T Cobra gunships and rose to the rank of Sargent in just 2 1/2 years.  It was while serving on the USS Tarawa during a west pac cruise that Michael met Jesus and my Savior and Lord.  Michael loved the Marine Corp but his home of Arkansas seem to be calling me home so I served just 4 years and worked for the United States Postal Service in Harrison Arkansas from 1987 – 1997.

Tim and Charmaine


Tim Phillips – Business Manager (Co-Owner & Board Member)

Charmaine Phillips (Co-Owner & Board Member)

Tim and Charmaine Phillips moved to Harrison, Arkansas, in 1976 after Tim was graduated from Rhema Bible Training Center. In 1978, Tim and Charmaine were founding officers of Grace Christian Center. In 1983, Tim entered full-time ministry as Associate Pastor/Youth Minister at Grace. In 1985, Tim became Senior Pastor at Grace, a position he enjoyed for over 30 years.

Pastoral Ministry

As pastor/teacher, Tim is known for presenting life-changing, applicable truths from God’s Word. Testimonies abound concerning lives changed by the approachability, transparent life of faith and mentorship of Pastor Tim.

Under Pastors Tim and Charmaine, Grace Christian Center exhibited a calling with emphasis on education, world-wide missions and leadership training. For thirty years, Grace Christian School provided pre-kindergarten through secondary Christian school education. Post-secondary education was provided through Grace Bible Institute. Many graduates attribute their experiences in these schools with their ability to connect with God’s calling for their lives. Pastors Tim and Charmaine and members of the congregation at Grace have traveled on numerous mission trips to many nations serving in orphanages, preaching in evangelistic campaigns, churches, schools, hospitals and teaching in Bible schools.

Gospel Outreach US Directors

In June of 2014, Tim and Charmaine transitioned the role of Lead Pastors of Grace Christian Center to Justin and Mirenda Goff who had been nurtured in Grace Christian Center since their youth and mentored in pastoral leadership by the Phillips since 2007. Since the transition, Tim and Charmaine have accepted the role of US Directors for Gospel Outreach Ministries, http://www.gospeloutreachministries.org, and continue to serve as Associate Pastors with Justin and Mirenda Goff.

Tim and Charmaine have three grown, married sons, Austin, Reid and Mark. Tim and Charmaine have four grandchildren who bring their grandparents great delight!

Tim and Charmaine enjoy gardening, fitness, cooking, traveling and being with family and friends.


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